FT-736 VHF/UHF Full Duplex Base

Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding VHF/UHF and satellite operators, the FT-736R covers up to 4 of the 50, 144, 220, 430 MHz and 1.2 GHz bands with installable band modules.
The FT-736 can be powered from 13.5 VDC or its built-in light weight switch mode AC power supply.

An 8 Bit CMOS main microprocessor and 4 bit i/o coprocessor provide exceptional digital integration and control: including selectable tuning rates or mode-dependent channelized tuning, and the widest variety of advanced scanning methods ever offered. Operating conveniences usually found only on HF transceivers, such as front panel adjustable IF shift and IF notch, noise blanker, all mode vox, and 3 speed selectable AGC are all included. GaAs FET receiver RF amplifiers are provided in the 430 and 1200 MHz band modules, and a high stability TCXO reference oscillator is incorporated for all bands to meet the stringent demands of serious VHF and UHF operation.




Band module installatie(pdf: 1,4 MB)
Power Schematic
Technical supplement(pdf: 37 MB)
Manual (pdf: 10 MB)

Red Ball 2 meters and 70 cm built into the mainframe as a standard feature, these are not changeable modules.

Red Ball Full Cross-band Duplex.

Red Ball Inverted tracking for AO-13.

Red Ball Easy interface to TNC via Data in/out jack.

Red Ball CAT port for PC control of automatic Doppler correction.

Red Ball Independent linear amplifier relay control lines (1 for each band).

Red Ball Optional modules for 50-54 MHz, 222-225 MHz, and 1240 - 1300 MHz.

Red Ball 100 general purpose memories, plus 10 full duplex cross band memories, 1 global call channel, all of which store mode, RX and TX frequencies independently.

Red Ball 14 VFO's are provided: two general purpose plus 1 PMS (Programmable Memory Limit Scanning) on each band, 2 special purpose full duplex VFO's , and up to 4 clarifier (receiver offset) memories, 1 per band.

Red Ball DTMF keypad, in transmit the numeric keypad generates DTMF tones.

Red Ball Front panel preamp button provides a T/R switched DC supply line for masthead preamplifiers.

Red Ball MARS/CAP Modifiable with proof of permits.

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